Sponsor Us

The Big Raise, Inc. facilitates the giving, auctions, and events, but do NOT take any of the proceeds. The “Big Raise Inc.” is a 501c3 not-for-profit that is funded by contributions to our operating fund from the Anderson Family and others that believe in great events and even greater needs.

If you believe in the organizations we support consider making a contribution to support us. Join us and others in building something bigger than ourselves and to meet bigger needs. Thank you for considering being a part of something “Big.”


Annual Contributor Levels for The Big Raise Inc.

$25,000 “Leaders” 

$10,000 “Builders” 

$5,000 “Committers”

$1,000 “Supporters”

$You Choose the Amount “General Supporter”      

Every contribution helps us to strengthen the amazing organizations we support. Thank you to the “leaders” for taking the initiative and making a sacrifice for so many others. Our “Builders” see the need and make their major financial commitment to this need in an amazing way.

Our “Committers” show that they mean business about solving the major issues we support. They commit to us and the thousands that we are helping. Thank you to the “Supporters” and any other level of contribution as we work hard on these events and appreciate your support in making a contribution to make them succeed. Thank you.